Radhakrishna Sanka

An Electronics guy who programs for fun and likes to learn things like space engineering, molecular biology and nano-technology just to keep things interesting.

Mohit Athwani

An iOS Developer, Tech Blogger, love's Open Source tech, plays with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, a Foodie, and at some point tried searching for inner peace with Tai Chi.




Harnessing the power of the cloud , we empower applications to do more , be more intelligent and keep data safe.


Whether its Android , iOS or Windows we keep up with the latest technologies to give you feature rich applications that can keep you company when you're on the go.


The future of applications and technology is in everyones hands, making dreams into a reality is what do we do.



iRajanee was one of our first "fun" projects which turned viral overnight and topped iTunes India Store charts. Seeing the instant sucess, we built the Android and Windows Phone 7 counterparts overnight.


iMetro Dubai was our first App on the iTunes App Store. It was our inspiration to start developing apps and to start making changes in the world around us.
Our Inspiration
Lets just say that we kept missing our stops on the Metro.

Radio Apps

After a relatively fun research : We went through the entire programming schedule, talked on one of their radio tech shows on weekends and so forth, we came up with a solution that would preserve the 'soul' of the Radio station. Understood the amount of effort the stations take into building their own 'little world' consisting of their own Radio Jockeys - and so many other programs that become a part of people's lives.

Gas Station Locater

Whether you're new to a city or you just keep forgetting where they are , gas station locater helps you to easily find the nearest Gas Stations. Using the Google Location API , the app uses your GPS location and finds and sorts all the Gas Stations nearest to you. As always we try our best to make the user experience unique and beautiful. Even though the app is only a single page - we managed to gracefully give it the functionality of a 4 page application with a non-obtrusive UI, something you would require when you're desperately trying to find a Gas Station.

Expense Tracker

What creates a good application ?
Niche features ? Usability ? Functionality ?
The answer was to put all of those into one application (we can't go wrong there). Powered by the cloud the Expense Tracker allows the users to export all their accounts out of the phone in Excel Format onto our cloud based storage. Without requiring any of them to remember complicated logins , passwords or go through tedious sign up processes. With such simplicity and functionality , the app couldn't go wrong. It's one of the most highly sought after personal finance application on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Emergency Dialer

An app we made during one of our workshops on Windows Phone 7 Development.

A simple app that allow the user to pin Emergency Service Numbers on to the home screen of the phone. Surprisingly getting the artwork right took longer than the building the app.

Dubizzle on Windows Phone

This App started off as a demonstration of the Windows Phone 7.5 platform for Dubizzle on behalf of Microsoft Gulf DPE , to showcase the user experience. But the small project rapidly evolved into a massive design experiment where more than 4 custom controls and new user interaction paradigms were created and hence we just had to release the App to the market.

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