A Research Company

We are not just programmers, we are scientists and engineers.

Research at Geeks

Unlike most other teams we don't derive our strength from extensive industry experience in a narrow field but from our ability to adapt and attack complex problems with scientific and rational approaches. The diverse skill sets within the group allows us to analyze problems in different ways. Our flexibility with platforms, frameworks and programming languages allows us to sketch out concepts rapidly.

With diverse skill sets and experience with working both the cloud, mobile and embedded platforms at our disposal. We hope to collaborate with universities and research institutions on research projects.

Over the past few years we spent a lot of time training people in the art of coding. Not only training them in specific technologies, but also imparting our wisdom and sharing our experiences in software development. We love teaching and watching our students change the world.


iOS Facial Recognition

An implementation of Facial Recognition on the iPhone using an ARM port of OpenCV.